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Uniform Policy


Each grade will wear a different color polo shirt– white (9th grade), blue (10th
grade), gray (11th grade),black (12th grade).

In order to be in compliance with the Alliance Uniform Policy, the only sweater, sweater-vest, shirts, or blazers and jackets students will be able to wear will have the school logo and be purchased at the school. Students will not be able to wear their own outerwear over or under official school shirts and sweaters. Finally, all socks, belts, t-shirts, shoelaces, and shoes must be solid black, white or grey. Students at each Alliance campus must adhere to a strict uniform policy. The specific uniform required for Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology

Academy High School is as follows and applies to all students:
Ø Bottoms: Solid black slacks, or black knee-length shorts.
Ø Tops: Every Student must wear an Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon
Technology Academy High School logo shirt.
Ø Tucked in Shirts: All uniform shirts will be tucked in for the entire day,
while on school grounds and/or school activities.
Ø Clothing Size: Uniform items, including pants and shirts, must be no
larger than one size of the student’s regular clothing size
Ø Undershirts: Only white solid undershirts will be permitted
Ø Footwear: Black, white or gray dress shoes or tennis shoes. All footwear
must have closed toes and heel straps. No house shoes, slippers, or
sandals of any kind are allowed.
Ø Jackets/Coats/Sweatshirts: Sweaters, sweater-vests, blazers and
jackets must be black and with a College-Ready logo. No Exceptions.
Ø Headwear: Head/hair accessories such as hats, bandanas, and beanies
are not to be worn

The following clothing items are expressly prohibited for all students:
Ø Sweatpants
Ø Jeans, skirts, leggings or jeggings
Ø Inappropriately tight and/or short clothing is not acceptable
Ø Low-rise and/or hip-hugger pants
Ø Open-toed shoes
Ø Caps, hats, bandanas, or hoods
Ø No articles of clothing may be worn inside out
Ø Any clothing that does not properly cover the body
Ø Any clothing that may be construed as having gang –affiliation (colored
shoelaces, initialed belt buckles, cut-out belts, “sagging”/oversized
clothing, etc.)
Ø Any attire that may be a distraction will be confiscated. Distracting attire
includes but is not limited to accessories such as extra clothing pieces,
and excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry.

Students that come out of uniform may borrow a uniform from the front office for the day. This request must occur before school begins. If students out of uniform do not elect to borrow a uniform, parents will be contacted immediately and asked to bring the student a change of clothes before the student may return to class. Students not adhering to the dress code policy will also receive the following consequences.

1st Offense - Phone call home requesting parent to bring proper uniform attire.
Student receives 1-hour detention. (Student returns to class with a uniform infraction note for teachers).

2nd Offense - Phone call home requesting parent to bring proper uniform attire.
Student receives 2-hour detention. (Student returns to class with a uniform infraction note for teachers).

3rd Offense - Parent contact and Parent conference. Student receives a Saturday detention. Parent conference will be held to implement behavior contract at initial level. (student returns to class with a uniform infraction note for teachers)

1. Male and female students are permitted to wear jeans (no skirts), including clean and un-torn jeans.
2. Male and female students are permitted to wear T-shirts, sweatshirts or other casual shirts/blouses provided they are modest and do not make reference to drugs, alcoholic beverages, taverns, offensive activities or hard rock concerts, etc. “Double meaning” T-shirts are not permitted.
3. Bare midriffs and clothing that is sexually suggestive or fails to conceal undergarments, back, abdomen, and cleavage will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, halter tops, short shorts/skirts, bathing suits, tank tops, lowcut tops/dresses, or muscle shirts.
4. Gang attire of any kind will not be allowed. This includes gang-related clothing, solid colors of red or blue clothing or accessories, including but not limited to bandannas, or other symbols, emblems, or insignia are prohibited. Gang-related web belts with or without punched out metal buckles are prohibited. Dangerous clothing accessories are prohibited (i.e., spiked jewelry, studded collars, studded belts).
5. Female students may wear casual slacks, black knee-length shorts, and black shorts and appropriate blouses. Skirts of any kind are not permitted. Shorts must be the appropriate size and must fall just above the student’s kneecaps.
6. Sandals are not permitted for either male or female students.
7. Neither male nor female students are permitted to wear caps, hats, “do rags”, bandanas, beanies or headscarves. Hats are not to be worn during school time.
8. Any student, who has doubt about what to wear, should simply ask a school administrator prior to wearing it.