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Alumni: Let's Stay Connected!

 College Textbooks!!!
When buying textbooks, here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind.
1. If classes have not started yet, you can visit the bookstore to check out what textbooks your professor might be using. By doing so, you can start comparing prices with websites or other bookstores.
2. There are some professors who will email you the syllabus for which then you can use to see if you are going to be using the textbook for a short period of time. The syllabus might also tell you if your professor is going to be putting a book on reserve at your school's library.
3. Is your English class requiring you to purchase a literature book? You might want to check your local library to see if they have a copy of it. Not quite sure what library has it? Go to to search up your book! 
4. You will find students around the bookstore or even inside trying to sell their old textbooks. Sometimes students post flyers around campus informing students what textbooks they are selling along with their phone nuber to contact them.
Here are a few sites you might want to check out too! Some of these websites give you the option to purchase,borrow or upload a digital copy of the book. 
The Alumni Blog!
Am excited to say, that I have started a blog! I will be typing about random topics, college lessons and posting pictures of
when I go to different campuses to visit you. I hope that it is yet another way to stay connected. Click on the image or here to check the blog!
Welcome Alumni  
Hello Huskies! 
This site has been developed in order to stay in communication
and offer assistanceas you work toward making your dreams come true!

I will be sending newsletters to you via e-mail and remind. If you are not receving it,
you can subscribe here, on this site, by typing in your email and/or phone number.
Also, this site has a place for you to share your thoughts or ask a question or concern.
(I will do my best to answer as soon as possible).
Not Receiving the Newsletter?
Am excited to say, that I will start a blog. I will be typing about random topics, college lessons and posting pictures of when I go to different campuses to visit you.

Let's stay connected!
     Looking forward to hear from you!
Completed a year of college? Do you want to share a story
or a lesson that you learn in college? Share it here!
Are you looking for a job, an internship or volunteer opportunity? Need assistance with writing a Resume or job hunting? Well, you've come to the right place! This is where I will be posting useful links and information that can definitely help you complete that mission!
Get access to a resume workbook designed for high school students, but the advice and strategies are still applicable:
A step by step colorful guide on how to write an effective resume:
A guide that assist with writing a resume and cover letter:
                    Finding Jobs
The Los Angeles County Library has library items and online resources that might help you with your job search. Check them out here!:
College students, check out the career center on your campus. They provide students with abundant of resources which include: 
resume, interview and career workshops, on and off campus job opportunities. In addition, you might want to check the online resource/website on you school website that is only accessible to students who are attending there.
Not sure what career you would like to pursue? Looking for a job or need assistance with writing a resume or even getting ready for an interview? Check this website out! It provides you with a lot of resources including assessments that you can take to help you see what careers best fit your interests and skills:
Internships and Intern Jobs
Looking for an opportunity to explore your interests and career choices? Do you want to acquire skills and gain experience? 
Check the following links out!
Volunteer Opportunities
  Volunteering gives you the opportunity to not 
only sharpen your abilities and skills, but    
to also make a positive contribution to your community!
Check out the following links!
Let's Stay Connected!

"Your attitude determines your direction"
"Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, "I'M POSSIBLE!"--Audrey Hepburn
The best way to predict your future is to create it!--Abraham Lincoln