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Core Values

Alliance Simon Tech's Core Values

Core Values

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  • Staff and students intentionally participate in activities that help advance the school's Vision, Mission, and Core Values in order to strengthen the community.
  • Staff and students actively work to create spaces that are inclusive and emotionally and physically safe.
  • Staff and students actively seek to build healthy relationships with each other based on respect.
  • Staff and students build partnership with outside community members to help provide exposure to alternative perspectives and their place in the broader community.
  • Administrators are thoughtful and strategic about facilitating spaces for staff and students that build trust.


  • Staff and students are thoughtful and strategic in their follow-through towards a commitment or outcome.
  • Staff and students take ownership over their actions and seek to repair or restore when appropriate.
  • Staff and students help each other remain aligned to the school's Vision, Mission, and Core Values in a way that shows regard and uplifts them.
  • Staff and students are honest about their strengths and areas of growth and model integrity in all their behavior.
  • Administrators regularly ask for input from staff and students to improve the academic, cultural, and operation life at Simon Tech.

Community Academic Excellence; College & Career Ready

  • Staff and students engage in academically challenging work and help each other persevere to grow and develop skills and knowledge.
  • Simon Tech will provide numerous opportunities for scholars to develop their interests and skills that reach beyond traditional academic content areas to help scholars develop into well-rounded citizens who are ready for college, careers, and beyond.
  • Staff and students engage in conversations and take actions based on data that focus on leveraging strengths and setting ambitious but attainable goals.
  • Administrators ensure that staff and students have the tools to actively engage in academically challenging work.


  • Staff and students see their actions as affecting the social emotional state of others and seek to help improve it.
  • Staff and students consider the possibility that others may have experienced trauma before seeking to judge or correct it.
  • Staff and students acknowledge and advocate for the mental, social, emotional, and physical wellness of others and themselves.
  • Staff and students participate in training and use available resources to remain current with trauma informed practices.
  • Staff take an active role in modeling vulnerability and creating spaces for social emotional learning and support.
  • Staff and administrators consider the needs of others before asking them for deliverables.


  • Staff and students actively work to create spaces that are equitable and inclusive of all school members, staff, and student body.
  • Staff and students actively work to be anti-racist in their behavior, practices, and beliefs.
  • Staff and students are reflective and self examine their own biases on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Staff and students seek to understand and remain cognizant about the lived experiences of others before making judgements.
  • Staff and administrators seek training and resources to support the school community, each other, students, and themselves towards bein an equitable and anti-racist community.
  • Administrators engage in reflective exercises to ensure school structures and systems remain equitable to all.