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I am Ms. Polanco and I am the college counselor for the 9th and 10th grade class. This is my first year at Simon Tech and I am very excited to be here and to start working with the students. I have included a little bit of information about me below.


I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and I am a proud Angelino. I attended the University of Southern California (the best university in L.A. and which is actually located in the heart of Los Angeles) where I received my Bachelor's degree in International Relations with a minor in Latin American Studies. Therefore, I love everything that has to do with USC Trojan FOOTBALL!!! FIGHT ON!!! After USC, I attended California State University, Long Beach where I earned my Masters in School Counseling. Before coming to Simon Tech, I worked with different non-profits that focused on working with potential first generation college students in the inner city to provide them with the guidance and support so they could become competitive college applicants by the time they reached their senior year.


I strongly believe that every student regardless of ethnicity, economic background, religion, sexual orientation or citizenship status, with the proper support and guidance, can attend and by successful at the college level. This is something that I am very passionate about and I strive to work hard everyday to ensure that I am providing my students with the resources, knowledge and guidance so they can reach their full potential. My goal is to equip students with knowledge that will allow them to be their own advocates in life, as knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you.

Favorite things to do:
  • I love going to Dodger games and collecting bobble heads!!! Go DODGERS!!! GO BLUE!!! And as I like to say the Dodgers are the only team that matters in Los Angeles!!
  • I love to workout and play basketball!!! They call me Mini- Ray Allen on the court as I have the sweetest jumper you will ever see. If you do not believe me.... CHECK THE STATS...
  • I am a music lover so I love going to music festival. I am a hip-hop head, however I prefer the old school hip-hop, when artists stood for something.
  •  Watching Laker games!!!! I try to watch every game!!! I bleed purple and gold!!!

Interesting Things About Me:
  • I lived in Chile for about 5 months during college.
  • I love collecting sneakers. Along with my bobble heads their are my most guarded possessions.
  • Favorite Basketball Player: Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant
  • Favorite Baseball Player: "The Captain" Derek Jeter
  • I actually grew up a Yankees fan which explains why Derek Jeter is my favorite baseball player (My dad actually did not like the dodger...gasp!!) I still have a soft side for them and support them. 
  • I could watch Sports Center all day, everyday
  • Favorite NFL player: Peyton Manning.... OMAHA!!
I hope this provides you with a little bit of insight of who I am and I look forward to meeting you as the years progress. Please feel free to contact me either through email,, or by phone at 310-916-6749. 


Ms. Polanco