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Mr. Jose De La Torre » Latin American Studies and Sociology

Latin American Studies and Sociology

Biography: Mr. De La Torre received his bachelor of arts in history from Carleton College in Minnesota. In 2014, he earned his master of arts in history from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is currently working on his PhD in education at Chapman University in Orange.  Mr. De La Torre is a firm believer in teaching literacy with content and strives to make material exciting and relevant.  Mr. De La Torre has a passion for teaching and earned his credential in social science from Cal State Northridge.  In his free time, Mr. De La Torre enjoys reading and writing poetry, trying new restaurants, and collecting books. 
Philosophy: Mr. De La Torre believes that social science is best learned when it is connected to the contemporary.  As such, he orders his lessons on elucidating how past events, ideas, and policies have fostered current realities.  Mr. De La Torre is proponent of social justice and his teaching reflects the struggles of the oppressed and incorporates the often forgotten stories of minorities, women, etc.
Course Summary (Latin American Studies):  For Latin American Studies, we will be examining state formation, the construction of race, pre-Columbian society, and the emergence of mestizo/mestico cultures.  In addition, we will also be studying gender roles, politics, and the literature of Latin America.  For sociology, we will be studying.
Course Summary (Sociology): This course will examine sociological principles and theories as well as the development of human culture.  As such, we will be investigating the creation of gender and race.  In addition, we will be studying the  issues of violence, social control, group behavior, class, social institutions, and personality and how they are applicable to contemporary life.
Course Outline (Latin American Studies):
1.The Americas before colonization
2. Spanish America/Portuguese America
3. The Americas in Revolt
4. Race and state formation.
5. American Intervention in the Americas.
6. Modern Latin America
Course Outline (Sociology):
1. Sociology as a discipline.
2. Culture vs. society.
3. Compare and contrast Conflict, Interactionist, and Symbolic Interaction Theories.
4. Culture and society as survival.
5. Nature vs. nurture.
6. Social norms.
7. American values.
8. Social control.
9. The theories of Locke, Mead, and Cooley.
10. Subcultures.
Important Dates:
5-Week Progress Reports: 9/12
10-Week Progress Reports: 10/17
15-Week Progress Reports: 11/28
Finals Week : 12/12
Important Websites:
Tutoring: Tuesday 4:00pm-6:00pm.
Office Hours: 7:30am-8:00am every school day and by appointment.
Contact info:
See attached syllabus for more detailed information or email the teacher.