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School Mission and Vision


Our mission at Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School is to create 21st century learners through individualized student-centered instruction that makes academics both personal, and relevant for each and every student. To do this, we will use the Alliance hybrid learning model that incorporates a blended curriculum, multimedia instruction, and digital content. Moreover, our students will have solid character and strong critical thinking/collaborative skills. These skills will create socially responsible and globally minded citizens that are an integral part of the Watts community and beyond.


Simon Tech’s vision is to heal and prevent generational trauma through strong instructional practices and social emotional learning, so that scholars can be successful in college, careers, and beyond. This success will lead scholars to hold the power to dismantle systemic oppression, reform the educational systems, and create equitable economic opportunities for themselves and others.



At Simon Tech we intentionally hold high expectations for our Black scholars. We will build authentic relationships and partnerships with communities and families, while cultivating safe  spaces where our Black scholars can feel like an important part of the school community. We will examine our systems and structures to dismantle those that are oppressive in nature. As a result we will see more Black scholars inside of the classrooms learning, and involved in school activities. Our efforts will lead to stronger instructional practices, and an increase in student engagement as a whole.