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Blended Learning

Blended Learning Model

Simon Technology Academy is utilizing a blended learning program that better prepares students for high school graduation and college readiness. Our blended learning model combines online delivery of educational content with classroom interaction and live instruction. The outcomes of the blended learning model are personal and relevant learning, differentiation of instruction for all students, and thoughtful student and teacher reflection. Teachers utilize online courses, lesson plans, and assessments aligned to national and state standards will guide the courses. By combining traditional classroom instruction with online learning approaches,  Simon Technology Academy will address the following elements of 21st century learning:
  • Emphasize core subjects and learning skills
  • Use 21st century tools to develop and assess 21st century skills
  • Teach and learn in 21st century context and content
The Simon Technology Academy blended learning program focuses on:

  • Differentiated instruction leading to higher academic performance supported by prescriptive interventions.
  • Evolving pedagogy in which teachers’ roles include facilitation, student mentoring and differentiating instruction for individual learners, not just lecture.
  • Increasing flexibility and personalization of the students’ learning experience and creating more engaging learning sessions.
  • Re-thinking how instructional technology can be integrated into the day-to-day activities in the classroom to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
Teachers in the blended learning model conduct “three concentric learning circles” during each class. Each class is made of three student groups that cycle through each of the stages of the learning circle. The three parts of the learning circle including: 1) individualized online instruction using adaptive content; 2) Focused teacher-led instruction based upon data from online content systems to level set for each group; 3) Learning stations with structured collaborative standards-based activities.

The Simon Technology Academy blended learning model provides more individualized engagement with a promise of improved academic performance and technology that helps engage students and provides them more learning opportunities and services to support their academic growth. We believe that our blended learning model will achieve our goals for improving academic achievement for the students of Simon Technology Academy and the greater Los Angeles area.