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9th Grade

It's important to pass your high school courses with a C or better. Any classes that you do not pass and receive an NP could require you to retake this course online or during Summer School. Although it might not seem like a big deal, having to retake these courses during the school year or summer could limit your time to participate in extracurricular activities such as internships, clubs, jobs, and more. The goal is for you to have a fun and fulfilling experience in high school to explore your skills, abilities, and interests. Make time to grow and do well in your classes!
These are the A-G Courses you will be taking during your time at Simon Tech. Work hard to take Honors and Advanced Placement (AP), and college courses to further challenge yourself to grow. Keep in mind that taking more A-G course than required looks great on college apps. We looks even better is taking higher level courses. Colleges also look at how difficult your schedule is. 
Having a college degree opens up even more opportunities in different job fields. Each level of degree you complete, means more opportunity. More importantly, just being on a college campus allows you to access jobs and internships not offered to others. Of course, having a college degree doesn't mean you get a great job. Getting a great job means you hustled during college to gain job experiences, meeting people that know people (networking), and worked on your professional skills. Don't just get an education, get a career!